view and access your bidsheet

You can view your airlines bid sheet information for those airlines that are participants in providing the bid sheet information. Make highlights to your selection on the bid sheet while you are bidding for your next months schedule. View participating Bid Services and have links to their contact information pages. Make it easier to access your airlines bid sheet faster and with less steps.

post your schedule

You can post your trips that you would like to trade or drop for the month, and make as detailed comments as you would like to trade your trips. Or if you are looking to pick up trips for your schedule, you can search for trips that crew members are posting. You can bookmark trips and save trip criteria for a later time. Add a post and edit your posting.

trade at your own convenience

You can create your own personal profile along with your picture and contact information to set up alerts for when a fellow crew member would like to trade with you, and contact you. Set up alerts for you to get a text message as to a trip criteria is found, or if someone is interested in picking up your trip, or trade. Name your search as specific as you would like to be. Equipment, position, date rang, and layover cities, along with flight sequence numbers.


tax free info


As part of the DOT in the United States all crew members that download this application will be able to write it off at the end of the year tax returns. So you are getting this application for free. Keep your receipt for your records upon purchase. For other countries check your governments tax return policies for your refund.


bid services

For those crew members that run and manage a bid service please contact       BidFly to register your bid service as a provider at


**All sales are final. BidFly has a no return policy. Requests for refunds will be declined.